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Cambridge KinderSmart

Cambridge KinderSmart is one of our top course in our Cambridge English Test. It’s your child’s start to mastering the English language.


Cambridge KinderSmart Description

Cambridge KinderSmart is created to introduce your child to everyday written and spoken English and is an outstanding way for them to gain further their English language skills.

Our course is designed around familiar topics with a focus on skills needed to communicate effectively in English through speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The course gives students the skills and confidence to progress to higher level English, such as Cambridge Pre-Starters and Cambridge Starters.

KinderSmart is a 6-month program that prepares your child for independent classroom-based learning.  The program focuses on Alphabet recognition and single sound recognition, numbers 1-20, short story reading to encourage speaking skills and recognition of some sight words.

Kindersmart subjects include Sequence, Logics, Memory games, Maths & numbers and Pencil holding exercises. This course also includes some basic baby phonics and simple table manners training.

Given that our groups are small to maximise the benefit for your child and we have the most successful Cambridge Kindersmart course in Hong Kong, the places are limited, and early booking is advised.

Cambridge KinderSmart can help your child achieve:
Reasons to choose Cambridge KinderSmart

*We make no guaranteed of class size, we reserve the right to change according to the environment

Skills covered in Cambridge KinderSmart

Excellent Results

Cambridge English Testimonials Little Oxbridge

Our learning centres has a reputation for excellence and quality and renowned for achieving 92% success rate in achieving desired results.

It remains one of the highest amongst its peers including other learning centres, kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong.

Learning Chart

Little Oxbridge Course Learning Chart

Course Materials

Our experienced in house education experts has developed a curriculum specifically tailored for your child. These materials do not occur any cost to the parents. 

For every lesson, we use different worksheets designed specifically to encourage your child to learn and master the English Language.

Course Feedback

As a learning centre, teachers and parents share responsibility for the success of your child. Our unique online feedback system allows parents to keep up to date online on how much progress your child is making. 

After each lesson, our teachers will provide an up to minute report on how your child is progressing through the various stages of their learning. Our teachers will provide constructive feedback and any areas which need addressing for future lessons. 

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