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Learning Centre Franchise in Hong Kong - A Profitable and Proven Business Model in a Booming Market

Learning Centre Franchise in Hong Kong

We are looking for driven professionals who are about passionate about the role education can play in helping children build a bright future. You can turn that passion into reality by running a Little Oxbridge Learning Centre  Franchise in Hong Kong.

We offer excellent opportunities for those who are ambitious to run their own learning centre franchise in Hong Kong. If you are interested in taking the next step, fill out the form below.

Learning Centre Franchise in Hong Kong - Little Oxbridge
Franchise in Hong Kong

Who are Little Oxbridge?

Since 2009 Little Oxbridge has been providing English language education for children in Hong Kong. 

We are passionate about teaching children English and our commitment and dedication to them will always be our number one priority. 

We are well known for providing some of the best Cambridge English Language Exam results amongst its peers including other learning centres, kindergartens and primary schools.


Why Little Oxbridge Learning Centre Franchise in Hong Kong?

When you are investing in a Little Oxbridge Learning Centre Franchise you are buying into a proven business model.  Working with a market leader in the English language, you will benefit from our operational know how and our world class products.

Strong Support Team

  • Extensive onboarding & launch project management
  • Ongoing field support, training & meetings
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Easy to use operation systems

Premium Centre-Based Learning

  • English speaking environment with supportive team
  • Exclusive and attractive locations
  • Modern and attractive design for classes and activities

Ongoing Investment in Product & Business

  • Commitment to continued product development & innovation
  • Strong in-house product development & technology team
  • Strong infrastructure for online learning

Strong Track Record in English Education

  • Excellent track record of producing the best exam results in Cambridge English
  • Cambridge English is the only international English course and exam with measurable results
  • Unique and results driven course methodology

Application Process for Learning Centre Franchise

Becoming a Little Oxbridge Learning Centre Franchise Owner is a long-term commitment. Which is why it’s beneficial that the application journey is a thorough and carefully thought-out process.  If successful, you’ll then undertake an intensive training programme, to help you prepare to become a learning centre franchise owner

Ready to Own a Profitable Learning Centre Franchise

Take your first step towards becoming a Little Oxbridge Learning Centre Franchise Owner

The Benefits of a Learning Centre Franchise Model

Little Oxbridge Learning Centre Franchise in Hong Kong is an excellent route for ambitious entrepreneurs to enter the learning centre market offering a proven business model, strong brand recognition, standardised structures & processes, and support from a central team. As a franchise owner in Hong Kong, you will enjoy faster return on investment, lower risk, replicable model and quicker to scale.


Faster return on investment using an established learning centre model

Stable Profit

Profit is more stable and consistent than starting a company from scratch

Proven Model

A proven business model which enables fast market entry and faster growth

Experienced Team

Experienced and knowledgeable team to support you all the way from start to beyond.

Standardised Systems

Standardised structures and systems which facilitates rapid growth

Shorter Launch Time

Shorter timeframe from launch to learning centre opening

Profitable Learning Centre Franchise in Hong Kong

As a franchisee, you need a partner which understands the market is easy to implement to maximise profit. Little Oxbridge Learning Centre has a proven business model and becoming a franchisee can be very rewarding experience – both financially and personally. 

Profitable Learning Centre Franchise in Hong Kong
Hong Kong City Montage Lob

Learning Centre
Franchise in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fast growing and the most dynamic city in Asia and strategically located to China and rest of Asia. It is a business friendly city with a range of advantages where a franchise can flourish. 

The success of Hong Kong can be attributed to free enterprise and trade, low, simple and uncomplicated taxation,  world-class infrastructure, multicultural talent pool, vibrant city life and open business environment. 

  • Strategically located, Asia’s key markets are less than four hours away, no wonder over 8000 companies choose to make Hong Kong their home base.
  • Hong Kong has been Asia’s leading financial centre, offering transparent and robust banking systems for companies. It offers a world class system, giving businesses confidence to conduct their business. 
  • It has one of the lowest and simple tax systems in the world, for many years it has been ranked as the freest place to conduct in business.
  • Hong Kong has a vast, multilingual and industrious talent pool to choose from. Most are either bilingual or trilingual. Most business professionals can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • It is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, with a plethora of shopping, entertainment, leisure and sports facilities to satisfy the most demanding consumer. 
  • Has one of the highest disposable income in any city of its kind in the world. 

A Fast-Growing Market

The English language course industry continues to grow from strength to strength. In an ever more competitive world, English language achievement remains at the forefront of every parent’s priorities and the English learning market is expected to reach US$177bn in 2026.

Franchise Profitable Business Model Learning Centre in Hong Kong

Profitable Business Model

Our business model ensures you get a high percentage of profits, as your business grows. Enjoy a high margin business with profits from 20-30%. A return on initial investment in 2/3 years.

Our unique model ensures you get a high percentage of profits, as your learning centre franchise grows in Hong Kong. We have a wide variety of locations for you to choose from. Our aim is to support you every step of the way to achieve your goals as a owner of a profitable learning centre.

Ready to Own a Profitable Learning Centre Franchise

Take your first step towards becoming a Little Oxbridge Learning Centre Franchise Owner