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Phonics is one of our top course. It’s your child’s start to mastering the English language. Our innovative course will pave your child to become confident readers and spellers through activities, interactive games, and stories.


Phonics Description

Little Oxbridge Phonics is based on the world-famous Jolly Phonics curriculum.

Our phonics classes are designed to pave the way for your child to become confident readers and spellers through activities, interactive games, and stories.

The goal is to enable children to decode the written words by sounding them out. Phonics is a must learn course for all children who want to improve their mastery of one of the key pillars of English literacy. 

A highly effective course which will accelerate your child’s progress faster than any other Phonics course in Hong Kong. Towards the end of our course, your child’s reading and writing skills will be better than their peers.

Given that our groups are small to maximise the benefit for your child and we have the most successful Phonics course in Hong Kong, the places are limited, and early booking is advised.

Phonics can help your child achieve:
Reasons to choose Phonics:

Skills covered in Phonics

What is Phonics? Why your child needs to learn Phonics?

To read English successfully, your child needs to learn to turn words they see into sounds and make sense of these sounds. Its vitally important that children learn letter-sounds relationships because English uses letters or group of letters in the alphabet to match sounds. 

For example, the sound k can spell as c, ck, ch or k. 

Teaching your child to blend the sounds of letters together helps them interpret unknown or unfamiliar sounding words.  For example, when a child is taught the sounds for the letters t, p, a and s, they can start to construct up the words: “tap”, “taps”, “pat”, “pats” and “sat”

Our phonics course is indispensable and forms the basis for all reading and spelling.

Our Phonics Courses

Beginners Phonics

Phonics Beginners level course uses songs, interactive games, and activities to make learning phonics an exciting and positive experience. After completion of the program, students should be familiar with all single sounds, giving them a strong foundation in Phonics for the future.

Phonics Level 1

Phonics Level 1, your child will learn the name and sound of each letter in the alphabet. We teach them upper- and lower-case letters as well teaching them how to identify starting sounds of words. 

Phonics Level 2

Phonics Level 2, we teach your child how to blend letters sounds into coherent words. Our focus will be on simple and short blends. At this level, children should expect to see noticeable improvements in their reading and writing skills approximately 3 months.

Phonics Level 3

Phonics Level 3 will have a strong emphasis is placed on accurate pronunciation by differentiating between various blends. By the end of the course, your child will have mastered challenging sound combinations which will help them advance further and become independent readers and writers.

Your child will also be introduced to different phoneme combinations ranging from digraphs to consonant clusters.

*We make no guaranteed of class size, we reserve the right to change according to the environment

Excellent Results

Cambridge English Testimonials Little Oxbridge

Our learning centres has a reputation for excellence and quality and renowned for achieving 92% success rate in achieving desired results.

It remains one of the highest amongst its peers including other learning centres, kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong.

Learning Chart

Little Oxbridge Course Learning Chart

Course Materials

Our experienced in house education experts has developed a curriculum specifically tailored for your child. These materials do not occur any cost to the parents. 

For every lesson, we use different worksheets designed specifically to encourage your child to learn and master the English Language.

Course Feedback

As a learning centre, teachers and parents share responsibility for the success of your child. Our unique online feedback system allows parents to keep up to date online on how much progress your child is making. 

After each lesson, our teachers will provide an up to minute report on how your child is progressing through the various stages of their learning. Our teachers will provide constructive feedback and any areas which need addressing for future lessons. 

How does phonics work?

Our course is based on a proven, fun, and multi-sensory synthetic phonics method that gets children reading and writing from a young age. We teach your child sounds as oppose to alphabet. There are 42 letter sounds which are the building blocks for phonics needed to master the English language.  

Your child will first learn small group if sounds related with written letters. So, for example, the ‘p’ makes a ppp sound, ‘a’ makes aaa sound and ‘t’ makes ttt sounds. Then, your child will be taught how to blend the sounds together to read the whole word. For example, p-a-t, your child will learn the sounds and then will start blending them together. 

These are two of the five key skills that your child needs to master our phonics course:

Learning the letter sounds in Phonics

You child is taught the 42 main letter sounds. These include alphabet sounds as well as digraphs such as sh, th, ai and ue. Our phonics course uses a multi-sensory approach to teach each letter sound combining with fun actions and stories. 

Letter Formations

Using different multi-sensory methods, your child will learn how to form and write letters. This will be taught along with the introduction of each letter sound.


Your child will be taught how to blend the sounds together to help them read and write new words.

Identifying sounds in words

Your child will be taught blending and segmenting simultaneously, your child will become familiar with forming and breaking down sounds within words.

Tricky Words

Tricky words have unusual spellings, and your child will learn these separately. Introducing the common tricky words early increases reading confidence.

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