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Onsite Teacher

On site English Teaching Services for Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Hong Kong

On site English Teacher at Your Location

For any school, it can be hard to find the time and resources to hire an on-site English teacher for your kindergarten or primary school. You have lots of other responsibilities to look after.

Little Oxbridge Learning Centre Hong Kong for years has been providing on-site English teachers to kindergartens and primary schools in Hong Kong.

We send our English teachers to you to help you improve your students’ English language skills at your school’s location.

We develop and implement our award-winning English Syllabus to enhance the quality of kindergartens and primary schools’ English curriculum.

Specialist onsite English courses aim to uncover the true strengths of a child’s learning ability with English learning ability.

We can send you a certified, qualified, and experienced English teacher who will provide language lessons to students in your school. You can choose from our standard plan, or we can tailor a plan that is specific to your needs.

Our teachers are native speakers and will engage with students in various English lessons specifically designed for children including Cambridge English, Phonics, Creative Writing and Read and Write

We understand that every school has different requirements so if you need something special, we are more than happy to make it happen for you.

Onsite English Teacher at your School in Hong Kong Little Oxbridge Learning Centre in Hong Kong

Why an Onsite Teacher at Your School?

Increased Test Scores

Many of the schools we work with have seen increased test scores, along with an increase in confidence and motivation. For example: 2/3 of our students showed an improvement on their language proficiency tests after 8 weeks of lessons.

Global Importance of English

English is important at home, but essential in a global economy. Our on-site English teachers can help with everything from pronunciation to presentation and writing skills. 

Real Life Intensive Lessons in English

On-site lessons are also valuable because they help students practice English skills in real-world situations; speaking in English during class time will improve their fluency.

High Quality Native English Teachers

Each onsite teacher is carefully selected, Native English Speaker and has relevant qualifications and experience teaching children.

Improved Student Confidence

The studies conducted by us focus on improving the confidence of the students in listening, reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation.

Customised Lessons

With our fully customised lessons, you’ll be able to better prepare your students for real-world communication. Our lessons can be cutomised to your needs

Native English Teacher Onsite at your School in HK - LOB

Get your students ahead with an onsite English Teacher to improve exam results

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Benefits of an on-site English teacher at your School

We address in detail some of the common questions around the benefits of hiring an onsite English teacher for your school. Here are a few of those benefits:

Less Stress

Students who have been attending on-site lessons also feel less stressed about preparing for exams and tests.


You don’t have to leave your classes, meaning you can keep providing top quality education while getting that extra help you need.

Save Time

Your students don’t lose any time because they won’t be traveling somewhere else and get the best teachers

Intensive Lessons

If a student needs more practice in something then it will happen when it happens – it won’t get rescheduled for another day


An on-site English teacher can get in front of your students as soon as possible so that they can benefit from English language immediately

Specialised Lessons

Our onsite teachers use a special curriculum created by Little Oxbridge Learning Centre, based on over 10 years of teaching

Why English Language is so important for your students?

English is important for children as a second language because it is often a mandatory subject of study in Hong Kong.

English skills are also frequently useful outside of school, as international corporations and organizations with international connections rely more and more on employees who can communicate in English.

If children choose to further their studies abroad or relocate, they must learn to improve their English to be successful in their new home. In the UK, Canada and Australia, children are taught in English from an early age and often take exams in the language.

If they don’t achieve a good level of English, they may struggle to understand the lessons and get good grades. They cannot take advantage of the education and career opportunities available to them.

If a student has a solid foundation in English from a young age, he or she can avoid being at a disadvantage later in life when dealing with some parts of business and government.

The importance of English language skills in today’s global world is clear: it opens opportunities for children, who learn best when they are exposed to a variety of stimulating subjects.

When you consider how much time we spend at school and how important English is as a second language, investing in an on-site English teacher is often one of the best ways to make sure students have access to quality lessons.

An on-site instructor has more time to devote to planning lessons, individual instruction, and review—all factors that are essential for making sure students continue learning throughout their school years.

For the few kindergartens and primary schools that haven’t used an on-site English teacher yet claim your free proposal. Contact us today for a chat.

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